Do you drink all of the beer?

I have had about 90-95% of the beers on the artwork I create; however, I do not drink everything I use for the art. My family and friends do a great deal in helping provide cans for the artwork; it's a team effort!

Do you cut your fingers a lot/often?

I cut my fingers multiple times a week. All for the craft!!

How long does a typical piece take to make?

It depends on the piece. Some pieces take an hour and some can take 12-14 hours.

What is your favorite brewery/beer?

I am very partial to Peak View Brewing. They have awesome beer, a very cool atmosphere, and they are veteran owned (so that's awesome!). Finkel and Garf Brewing Co. (Boulder, CO) did a Blueberry Brazilian Maltshake Triple IPA as a limited release. This may be my favorite beer I've ever had...